Saturday, July 26, 2008

Secrets unfold...

The Sea is Calm tonight,
the lonesome stars shinning bright.
There lives not a happy soul,
who by the Great one has never been cajoled.
He now sits on the shore,
his Previous thoughts he abhors.
Enlisting his long list of follies,
his Ungrateful guilt, his Homeward calling...
His fatherly greatness smiles upon him,
summoning him nearer ~ He embraces Him.
And then gently the Great one to him unfolds,
the secret of the world that has been untold,
"Truth bedecks not in princely clothes,
neither does it descend from higher slopes."
Destiny was unfolding itself tonight,
he shuddered as he felt the Cosmic Light.
Like a child he listened ~ aghast...
as his Father's knowledge upon him was cast.
"Truth, my child, is the nakedness of a newly born,
it is the jewel that nature adorns.
There is always a beginning to an end;
The Good and The Bad will ultimately Blend..."