Saturday, March 15, 2008

Refocusing our Beliefs

“Once upon a time, people in India, used to go on a pilgrimage to prove their devotion. Today, if you are a devotee, you just call a number and the gods descend on your house on a pilgrimage – for a price of course! If you got no time to go upon a Pilgrimage, its not a problem; Pay Rs 10,000 and the idol of your lord will visit your home for an hour.” This is how an article, ‘Dial a Deity’ read in Saturday’s local newspaper.

It is astonishing while at the same time funny to reassess the extent of human reach. This speaks of how man has evolved in becoming the Father of God, for he has attained a fairly greater amount of power and prestige than God once possessed.

We believe that the generations to come will show a declining interest in their belief for god, but who wouldn’t? Who would believe in pseudo religion? Isn’t it enough that we keep our faiths to ourselves? Is Money so important? Can it buy your Divinity or Sanity? Religion is turning into a Big Hoax, and those who aren’t a part of it are being looked down upon. I don’t blame them, as I too am now, one of them.

I personally would rather be called an atheist than lose the dimension of my beliefs for my Supernatural. I don’t believe in Temples, books or idols… I don’t remember any prayers I learnt as a child… I don’t want to. As I feel disgusted. I feel shallow, for I look at him with ‘their’ eyes. And they look at him not with love, but with craving, craving for more, for betterment of themselves and their lives, craving for more power, money and success… Their hunger is insatiable. And the very fact that I am a part of them, disgusts me.

I can’t meet his eyes. I can’t stand before him. But all I do is still alone in the darkest corner of my room and think about him. I thank him for all that he has done, and apologias to him for all those times, man thinks of conquering him. And while I sit in that dark corner, I find his light burning within me. I do feel his soft touch against my skin. I feel his voiceless words pouring in. I love him, and I’ve never told him. But he knows. And I think he loves me too, despite of my shallowness, despite of the greed of my fellow men, despite of everything evil I’ve done. He loves me.