Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Dear Love

Dear Love,

How deeper can I drown, in the clouds that rise with the mist, travelling towards the Pearly Gates?

What would you do, when one day all of your senses indulge in the mystic aura of the Omnipresent; with such a level of devotion that the presence seems more alive than reality?

I am so tired... I am so exhausted... trying to keep my eyes closed to your image; trying to ignore the faint whispers of your voice; trying not to show how much I'd love to love you.
I dont wish to run away from you anymore, as the more I try, the more you pull me closer.

Imagine being stranded in the midst of an ocean... It surrounds you as well as your existance. Even if you close your eyes to the reality, you still are stuck in the midst of it... It is at the mercy of the grand ocean that you survive. Or it would have gulped you down long time back.

My affections and feelings so unconditional and pure; Yet you hold my breath when i wish to voice them out. There is no one i wish to speak to about them, but you. Still you look away, acting obfuscate about their chastity.

Thus i stand here today, my pensive mind has come to this conclusion, and i shall take it up as a vow. I shall dig a grave and bury this lunatic in the darkest corner of my soul. And i shall seal it with a Silent Kiss. And on the epitaph, may it be encarved - "Her mortal existance although Obscure; left behind her immortal epic of Devotion, that shall echo in the resonance of his silence."

So wild are the fumes rising from the flames of my Burning Love. And i am so sure, its not just an Emotion. It is the very reason why I smile, why I write or sketch, the reason for why I live.

My Love, your scent, that smells like Hope, surrounds me.
Love, surrounds me; and is extending slowly to embrace all that shall be.