Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I love Snow Globes

The ground on which I stand has been shaken,
Its too cold, dark and quiet in here,
The Snow flakes come dancing down from nowhere,
They have nowhere to go,
And nothing to say...
Occasionally one rests on your brow,
Takes away all your sorrow...

I wish life meant more to me than it does,
I wish I dwelled in a Snow Globe.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Bitter Tears

How do you describe Bitter?
Is it merely distasteful, unpleasant and disgusting?
Or is it more than that?
Have you ever tasted the words that come out of your mouth?
Do they taste bitter?
When you opened your mind and heart to see where these words came from, and all you could find is a dead self, rotten to its core.
Bitter are my words.
Bitter are my tears.
Bitter is the air around me.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Living Dead

The doors have been left ajar,
After you walked out.
And since then,
Everything stopped.
Like entrapped in a prism
With no way out,
The ray of light gropes in the dark.
The banks are now parched.
The gushing love no longer flows.
But hidden from daylight,
Like a subterranean river
Under the surface of the superficial world,
It secretly continues to trace its way
Back home.
Petrified and yet Numb,
With a crater in my heart;
I’ve been here for as long as
I could guess.
I look at my empty hands,
Those that were Skilled and Sure
With an artistic bend.
Frail, with no desire
To hold that brush again;
They’ve grown lifeless.
Words are fading,
Feelings are evading,
My identity bleaching.
Dark. Bitter. Silent. Numbness…
Consuming me.